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High-mileage used cars you can depend on

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Are there good used cars with more than 300,000 km on the clock? You bet

What’s a good, well-used car to buy? If you believe past performance is a reliable predictor of future behaviour, all you have to do is look at the vehicles that have been around a long time. We don’t mean your uncle Seth’s 1956 Studebaker, which he drags out of storage for the annual Labour Day parade, but those undistinguished sedans and trucks that ply the streets with little fanfare, the ones with the sagging mufflers and dull headlights.We scoured a massive Canadian database looking for vehicles for sale with 300,000 km on the clock and noted those nameplates that came up most frequently. Then we checked again for those with 400,000 km or more. Some of the same models rose to the fore. Armed with this information, we assembled a list of proven, high-mileage used cars and trucks that can still find willing buyers. Newer versions of these models are likely a good bet, too.As for the above image, it’s in miles – that’s a whopping 370,300 km right there. Seated in the right car with proactive maintenance, a half-million kilometres is within reach.
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