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How to avoid buying a lemon … and what to do if you’re stuck with one

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Don't let your next automotive experience leave a sour taste in your mouth

In India, a car puja is a Hindu ceremony that sees new autos and motorcycles blessed to help prevent the vehicles from developing bad problems, such as coughing up their transmissions. The ceremony, which is normally done as soon as the vehicle is purchased, ends with a lemon placed in front of each of the tires before the owner drives forward to squash the fruit, presumably exorcising the car's sour tendencies.There may be no correlation between a car puja and North Americans characterizing lousy cars as lemons, but the two disparate cultures certainly share one objective: nobody wants to get stuck with an unreliable automobile. To that end, we've outlined some steps every consumer should take to avoid getting a lemon, as well as what to do about getting the situation rectified. Here are the juicy bits.Watch: Crazy driver scares cops
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