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Inside the crazy world of CAMI amphibious vehicles

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Whether it's a bus, a car, or a trike, CAMI will make it float

The dream of using one object for a number of different tasks has been a pitch used by salespeople for centuries. Take the Spork, for example: two useful tools - fork and spoon – combined into one handy utensil. Well, vehicles that can travel both in the water and on land would be pretty helpful, right? Amphibious vehicles are the Spork of personal travel; unfortunately doesn’t always mean pretty. There are often compromises made to get them to function properly, so sometimes aesthetics take a backseat to usability. One company that’s become an expert in amphibious vehicles is CAMI, a shop in Ridgeland, South Carolina that’s building some really neat and interesting products. The company was formed because owners John and Julie Giljam previous used an old Vietnam-era LARC V amphibious vehicle as a tour bus to take customers around the sandy beaches and waterways in and around the coastal part of the state. After getting frustrated with the original LARC, the Giljams decided they should just build their own. So that’s what they did. Here are the cool and sometimes outrageous things that come of their shop.
© Photo: CAMI
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