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Memorable two-seaters

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A run-down of iconic two-seat cars, new and old

In honour of Cupid's — and Hallmark's — impending invasion, we've compiled this scientifically sound list of 15 of the most memorable two-seaters ever. And by scientifically sound, we mean it has no basis in science whatsoever. Some were influential, some gorgeous, and a couple just plain quirky, much like our loved ones themselves, but all made the list because they are worth remembering. (That said, there were many memorable two-seaters that didn't, like the MGB, Audi TT and R8, Dodge Viper, BMW Z4, Lotus Elise, Ariel Atom ... if we tried to cover them all, you'd lose your job.)Ironically, two-seaters are less conducive to romance (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) than larger vehicles, but they do have the advantage of having room only for you and your sweetie — no offspring or in-laws allowed. Happy wooing.
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