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Nearly collectible cars

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Fancy a collector's car? Nip these not-yet-popular models in the bud and save yourself a bundle

Jay Leno has enjoyed a stellar career in comedy. It’s nice work if you can get it. But it’s his hobby that gearheads find more compelling: Leno is an auto aficionado and collector. His astronomical income has afforded him the means to acquire any car he fancies. Leno has amassed almost 200 automobiles and motorcycles to date, many of them valuable – but not all are exotic. Leno recommends novice collectors like us buy what we actually enjoy driving. That way, when the bottom falls out of the investment market, you still have a car you like. Among the future collectibles Leno has recommended are the original Mazda Miata, Smart car, Mini and just about any bucket with unusual features, like Chrysler’s pushbutton transmission or GM’s swivel seats. The nice thing about local swap meets and show’n’shines is that virtually anything 25 years or older gets the star treatment. People are bringing out their Hyundai Ponies, AMC Gremlins and Chrysler K-cars. They can draw some of the biggest crowds. Who needs an $85,000 Plymouth ‘Cuda with matching numbers? Here are 10 near-collectible used cars we suspect will be crowd pleasers. Sooner or later.
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