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North America’s most traffic-congested cities

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The worst commute times, clogged streets and rush-hour chaos across Canada and the United States

What is traffic? Certainly, it's maddening, and the source of more shades of grey than an E.L. James novel, but what is it really? At its core, traffic must be the presence of too many cars and not enough space to fit them. Traffic, then, must be a measure of congestion.So what better gauge to use to figure which city has the worst traffic? GPS maker TomTom recently published its latest Congestion Index, which measures congestion as a percentage difference when compared against free-flow traffic*. Which cities in North America have the most congested traffic? Click through to find out, and to see which Canadian towns make the list.*Each city is awarded a Congestion Index score by TomTom as a percentage. So, for instance, if City X's Congestion Index is 15 per cent, it takes 15 per cent longer to travel through that city with a normal traffic load than it would if there were no cars at all to slow you down.Bing: Learn how to beat traffic
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