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North America's worst cities for traffic

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Gridlock is bad all over the world … and it’s getting worse

Traffic is an inevitable part of living in a city, and no matter where you are on the planet, it’s only getting worse. Drawing from data gathered by its subscribers, GPS manufacturer TomTom has tracked the levels of traffic across North America and ranked the worst cities for the stop ‘n go shuffle. A number of factors were considered in the ranking process including traffic levels on city streets versus freeways, and the level of congestion during morning and evening commute times. Based on these metrics, TomTom was able to generate a congestion factor, indicating how much longer a journey will take during on-peak hours versus off-peak hours. For example, if a city has a congestion percentage of 35 per cent, this indicates that a journey will take 35 per cent longer than normal. And for those of you who think that shortcuts work, Tom Tom has the data that proves they don’t. You might be moving, but you won’t be getting to your destination (much) faster. Here are the worst cities in North America for traffic.
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