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Playboy's 25 greatest cars of all time

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From popular roadsters to boisterous muscle, we examine the definitive car list of the famous lads magazine

I suspect that just about every red-blooded heterosexual male has dreamed, at one point in time, of working for Playboy magazine. Why should auto journalists be any different? Writing any article about cars for Hugh may not exactly be the same thing as hanging out in the grotto with playmates, but, even if the closest you get to one of the scantily clad demoiselles is having your byline two pages over, it still improves your conditional probability compared to the rest of us poor schmos who aren't even in the same postal code. In other words, working at Playboy is a much sought after gig, one that should attract the very savviest of auto scribes. However, judging from the list of cars the semi-clad tome posited awhile back as the greatest 25 cars of all time, one has to seriously question whether all that nudity is fogging their brains. Allow us, then, to set them straight and, in so doing, pray that Mr. Hefner might recognize our brilliance and invite us to his next shindig/orgy.
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