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Radical rental cars

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Money can't buy you happiness, but it can at least rent you a cool car.

Driving in Canada during winter is an exercise in reason. You putt around in the slush. You stay under the speed limit. You put on winter tires with treads as deep as canyons.Though if you're dying for spring so you can hit the open road and let loose, perhaps a change of season isn't what you need. At rental car agencies across the continent, extravagant vehicles are waiting for you to drive — Maseratis, Lamborghinis, even Harleys. They may cost an arm and a leg, but they're yours to rent if you dare. From west to east, and north to south, here are some of the luxury, vintage and exotic vehicles available for rent across Canada and the U.S.Related links:Most embarassing supercar crashesWorld's craziest car creations
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