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Red-hot pickups: Generations of truckin'

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Old or new, hot-rod trucks remain eternally cool

Few vehicles are as quintessentially Canadian as pickup trucks. They began as workhorses in the 1920s in the States, and many remain strictly functional, but over the years the pickup has evolved in myriad ways. By the mid-1950s, plain Jane, hose-'em-out, strictly utilitarian pickups gave way to factory customs such as Chevrolet's Cameo and Ford's Custom Cab. Personalized hot-rod trucks inspired factory performance pickups, including Dodge's Little Red Express and GMC's turbo-boosted Syclone. Today, Ford's new Tremor and Dodge's Viper-powered SRT lead the charge, and modified older trucks are so popular they have their own monthly magazines. Whatever your fancy, old or new, hot-rod trucks remain eternally cool.
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