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Rental-car nightmares

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Renting a luxury car not always a luxury experience

While driving from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to Antwerp, Belgium, a tourist abandoned his rented Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan at the last fuel station in the Netherlands after it sputtered and died. Lucky for him it stalled before he crossed the border. All the same, it was hardly convenient. Having called roadside assistance, the driver was told that the wait for a tow truck would be one hour from the time the truck was contacted, and the truck was "out of contact" at the time. Faced with an indeterminate wait, the tourist locked the car with the intention of mailing the keys back to the agency, and continued his journey with a friend. As it turns out, service staff had filled the diesel Mercedes with regular gas. Related Autos links:World's worst places to break downThe cost of speeding across CanadaWhere do drunk drivers rule the roads?
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