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Self-driving cars could soon be at an intersection near you

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History of the autonomous cars and how they could be driving on your street in the near future

Google gets all the credit, but in fact the driverless car is making leaps and bounds across the world through various technical organizations. Last month, a convoy of self-driving vehicles sped down a highway in Spain, the world's first such public procession, according to Volvo, which helped organize the exhibition.Indeed, Google's highly publicized recent foray into self-driving cars has received plenty of press in the Americas, though with autonomous autos coming closer to reality, MSN thought it would help to go back. From the invention's surprising pre-World War II roots and onward, here is the storied history of the driverless car and a glimpse into what's in store for its future.Bing: How does a driverless car work?
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