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Stripped down cars that sell for under $15K

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Time to save money: we compiled a list of the lowest-cost, base versions of cars on the market

According to the statisticians and boffins at Statistics Canada, the average price of a new vehicle (including cars, minivans, pickups and SUVs) sold in the last half of 2013 was $27,374 before taxes and other fees. And while it’s very easy to spend more than that figure on a car, it’s equally as easy to find a brand new car for less. Heck, it’s possible to find a car costing half that much, although the task is somewhat harder. Nevertheless, we at MSN are always up for a good challenge, so we’ve rounded up the most affordable new cars on sale today. We’ve set a cut-off at $15,000 before taxes.* Note: Tracking down pictures of base-model vehicles is possibly more difficult than finding a base model on a dealer's lot. All photos here are for illustration. If you see alloy wheels, fancy navigation screens, and lots of buttons and switches, there's a pretty good chance that these won't be on your base-mobile.
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