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SUVs and crossovers that hold their value best

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Fight off the depreciation blues with a SUV or crossover that doesn't lose its value quickly

Do you know what’s expensive? The recently retired Space Shuttle Endeavour; it cost about $1.7 billion. The Costa Concordia Italian cruise ship became a half-billion-dollar wreck. Know what else is expensive? A sport utility for your family. It’s a big financial commitment, so choose wisely. Smart buyers recognize the biggest cost of a new SUV is depreciation – that silent killer of asset value that strikes as soon as you leave the dealership. You work hard for your money, so why buy a vehicle that hemorrhages cash like a government arts subsidy? The Canadian Black Book established its “Best Retained Value Awards” as a way of informing consumers about vehicle valuations in Canada. We asked Josh Bailey, CBB’s VP of research, to track 2009-model-year sport utilities and what they’re fetching at Canadian auctions today. What’s transpired over the past four years can be a good predictor of what can happen to their values in the future, and what their present-day equivalents will be worth down the road. Here are the top 10 sport utility models that hold their value best, expressed as a percentage of their original sticker prices, presented in reverse order for dramatic effect.
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