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Tales of Snowmageddon

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Moscow calling

With the demise of communism, Moscow's arteries have become increasingly clogged with fatty, capitalist traffic with each passing year. Some drivers surrender at the first snowfall - leaving their frozen cars parked until the spring thaw - and take Moscow's renowned Metro subway. But others are much more resilient.There are some tricks to coping with the region's -30C weather, such as lighting a fire under a truck's diesel tank or using a blow torch to coax the thickened fuel to flow again - practices that are best left to the experienced. Back in the day, some motorists in the Russian capital would get out of bed a few times during a frigid night to start their vehicles and wait 20 minutes for the motor oil to warm so that the cars, mostly Ladas and Moskviches, would start reliably in the morning. Now that Russians, like the rest of us, drive more reliable makes, they can rest easy at night.
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