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Tax refund fun

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Ten auto-related things to blow your tax return on

Woo-hoo, it’s tax time! Why do the two-thirds of Canadians who are eligible for tax refunds always look forward to getting their own money back? Yes, a sizeable refund cheque is a ray of sunshine in what can be an otherwise cool and grey Canadian spring, but bear in mind your windfall is actually excess money you forked over to the government during the previous year.According to the Canada Revenue Agency, the average tax refund was close to $1,700 last year, a sum that keeps growing as we struggle to decipher an increasingly enigmatic tax code. If you’re like us, you’ll eschew your mortgage bonus payment and the student-loan repayment plan the court imposed on you, and invest your refund in something fun – with wheels. Here are 10 things a dedicated gearhead can acquire for about $1,700.
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