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Ten best cars for tall drivers

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Consumer Reports ranks the new cars that best accommodate taller folks

Whether you're contemplating a pair of ski boots, a tuxedo rental or — as a final purchase — a casket, proper fit is important. The same goes for automobiles. Cars and trucks may appear to be made one size to fit all, but it doesn't always work out that way for exceptionally tall or small individuals. A new car that makes you feel claustrophobic or chafes at your knees or elbows may turn your ownership experience into the automotive equivalent of waterboarding.The editors of Consumer Reports magazine took a closer look at the new models they had tested to determine seat comfort, driving position, ergonomics and sightlines all around for those motorists who tend to reside at the lowest and highest percentiles of the general population in terms of height. Let's take a look at the models that CR says fits tall drivers especially well, presented in alphabetical order.
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