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Ten best luxury car bargains

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A desirable ride doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out big bucks

If man is truly an economic animal, as some social scientists have suggested, then we’d all be tooling around in Volkswagen Golf turbodiesels and bare-bones Honda Civics, trying to squeeze every penny out of our meagre means of transport. But that just ain’t us, as a glance towards any city street will reveal. We like fancy cars, especially those with big shiny badges that telegraph power and privilege. And many of us will go deeply into debt to acquire one. There’s a smarter way to, um, leverage your capital position: buy used. Let depreciation do its reaping with the first owner, then pick up a second-hand luxury car for a song, relatively speaking. We asked our friends at Canadian Black Book to determine the luxury sedans that have lost the greatest proportion of their value since they were new in 2009 or 2010. Surprisingly, some of the most cherished, sought-after marques suffer the steepest depreciation in Canada. Read’em and weep – or smile.
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