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Ten great winter beaters for less than $7,000

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Reliable, winter-worthy rides that won't break the bank

Contrary to popular lore, winter is not a cantankerous old man, but a delinquent young punk that enjoys flash-freezing car doors and windshield wipers, cracking neglected radiators, and on particularly malicious days, wrecking entire cars just for the sport of it. Winter is a soccer hooligan on a bender.As hardy Canucks we have to put up with this troublesome season — and global warming may only make it worse. Climatologists fret that our winters may be more chaotic thanks to more frequent freeze-and-thaw cycles, more lake-effect snow and more damaging ice storms. And you want to take your precious German sedan out in that?Driving a cheap winter beater can go a long way towards preserving your favourite auto's looks and value. Drive an inexpensive used car and you can avoid the accelerated rust, sandblasted paint and bad-weather mishaps from taking the gleam off your summertime sweetie. Here are 10 beaters you can find for less than $7,000 — plus $600 for a set of four snow tires. They're boring cars for an excitable season.
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