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Ten hazards to look out for on your aging car

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Keep your car ticking along in good health with these 10 pointers

Aging is an inescapable fact of life – although there are scientists in white coats working on the problem. They’ve discovered that lab mice can cheat death through caloric restriction, the only reliable way of extending life expectancy by any appreciable amount without resorting to genetic modification. Essentially you have to eat less to live longer, while maintaining adequate nutrition. Could the news possibly be any worse?The same finding does not apply to manufactured goods, like the sport utility in your driveway. A voracious appetite for dino juice, no matter how bad, will not dictate how many years it will ferry the kids to hockey practice. Vehicles come with their own set of life-restricting challenges, however, including cancerous rust, suspension-crunching potholes and paint-eating toxins. And as our cars and trucks age, they potentially become more hazardous. Here are 10 things to look for that can make your car dangerous to drive.
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