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Ten used cars to avoid this year

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Finding a quality used car takes a lot of searching. Start by avoiding this lot.

A prevailing view held by the automotive press these days suggests there's no such thing as a bad car anymore. Tell that to the Canadians who've experienced their engine shut down in the middle of an expressway, leaving them to steer and brake with no power assistance. It's a frightening scenario that's not endemic to one brand, although there is one popular manufacturer that's seen more than its share of problems like this one.Buying used is particularly fraught with hazards, especially post-warranty. We've highlighted 10 of the worst reviewed second-hand models we've come across in the past year. We scan popular consumer websites for summaries outlining bad cars and trucks based on the experiences of actual owners who've recounted their trials and tribulations online. The 10 presented here are in order of perceived quality, from less than stellar to downright disturbing. And, yes, there are some surprises.
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