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The 10 best cars from the LA Motor Show 2011

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2012 Porsche 911

More than 1,000 vehicles were on display at the 2011 Los AngelesAuto Show - but here is the finest 1% of them.2012 Porsche 911The new 991 Porsche 911 is more powerful, wider and more stable through corners than any base-model 911 ever. The interior cues lifted from the Carrera GT contribute to the cockpit-like vibe of the vehicle's cabin. The rear-engine masterpiece is equipped with one of two flat-six engines and shifts seamlessly with either Porsche's excellent PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission or its all-new 7-speed manual transmission.With each generation, the 911 seems to become less of the machine that wants to kill you without warning and more a car that just wants to help you have some good fun. Some lament this 'softening' of the 911's tendencies; some of us live in a real world that's already out to get us.
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