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The 30 bestselling vehicles in the world

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In North America, it's the Ford F-150. In Europe, it's the Golf. But what about the world overall?

Have you ever wondered what the world's bestselling automobile is? Not just for Canada, the U.S. or even Europe, but the whole world. If that's you, today's your lucky day. Here's a list of the world's 30 bestselling vehicles in 2011, as compiled by Matt Gasnier of For this list, Matt patiently compiled the data for individual countries.Many of these models are unknown to us. Some manufacturers are represented by more than one vehicle, as in the case of Hyundai, Volkswagen or Ford. In addition, some vehicles are limited to specific regions. For example, the popularity of the pickup truck is a phenomenon limited to North America.In any case, globalization has definitely arrived in the realm of the automobile!
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