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The best and worst car number plates in the world

By Steve Walker of DO NOT USE_Ed Soluk | Slide 1 of 35

Funny car number plates

It’s that time of year again. The launch of a new car registration plate is on the horizon and the DVLA offices have been all smirks and giggles as the team work out which offensive and bad taste personalised number plates they’re going to ban.  The ‘14’ registration plate will arrive on the streets in March so like a bunch of school children looking up words they shouldn’t in the dictionary, staff at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have been racking their brains for any vague approximations of rude words the new plates could potentially spell out.With the new ‘14’ numerals able to resemble the letters I, A or H, this year has produced a bumper crop of personalised plates deemed unsuitable for display on Britain’s roads. Plate buyers will not be able to order the number plates SL14 AGS, SK14 NKY, J14 HAD or PR14 CCK. Plus quite a few others, just use your imagination.Of course, that still leaves a wealth of personalised number plate options open to the public. In this gallery we’re taking a look at some of the best and worst car number plates from around the world…
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