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The disappointing dozen

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These rides lack luster, let us down, or simply miss the point

It's getting increasingly difficult to take the piss out of each year's automotive crop — manufacturers are just getting too darn good. Sure, there are those that break down a little too often or rust a little too much, but by and large, there are fewer laughable clunkers coming off assembly lines than ever before. I hate to suggest it, but it just may be because marketing drives the market, instead of all that organic silliness such as, say, engineering or design.Occasionally, there's an Aztec-sized blunder that brightens up the lives of automotive journalists everywhere, but this isn't one of those years. This year, the missteps are pretty minor, and none will get you laughed at publicly. Still, there are a number of vehicles that are just plain pointless. Here are our picks.
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