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The evolution of the police car

Microsoft IES Logo By Chuck Tannert and Steve Bonner for MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 13: Ford Stealth Police Interceptor Concept

From the first-ever cop car to future vehicles, we chronicle the story of the police car

The battle between good and evil has been waged since time began. Any police officer will tell you that it's a never-ending battle and that the bad guys are getting smarter all the time. Consequently, the tools the good guys use to combat the bad are constantly evolving. Take the police car, for instance. Today's cruisers are high-tech, powerful machines fully equipped to handle just about any type of law-enforcement situation, from routine traffic stops and crowd control to high-speed chases and roadblocks. But they didn't start out that way. Here, we chronicle the evolution of the police car from its humble beginnings and look at where it might go in the future.
© Photo: Ford
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