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The lighter side of the journey: Funny road-trip tales

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Just call him Sparky

In a voyage worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting, a family of four and their dog was traveling from Massachusetts to Washington in a 1958 Chevy with no air conditioning. The trip was uneventful, although every so often someone would comment about a funny smell in the car. Chain-smoking dad stopped a few times to check under the hood, but found nothing wrong. At the next fuel stop the uniformed gas station attendant - hey, it was 1960 - found nothing burning, either.Back on the highway the smell kept getting stronger until all of a sudden mom yelled, "The dog is on fire!" Indeed, the dog's fur had been smoldering something awful. With the windows rolled down, an ember from dad's cigarette had flown back into the car and landed in the dog's fur, and it took several hundred kilometres to ignite. It's a road-trip recollection seared into at least one canine's memory.Related Autos links:Funny road signs from around the worldCanada's most majestic RV destinations
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