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The most expensive cities for gas in the world

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Do we really have it that bad? Apparently not, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit

Jason Toews, despite his best intentions, is the name drivers least often want to see. Sure, that's not how he drew it up — the co-founder of started his site to showcase the lowest fuel prices in hometowns across the country — but too often his name shows up in harrowing news stories, like this one from The Toronto Star, where Toews predicts pump reads could reach $1.50, $1.55 per litre by May.Expensive? No doubt, but do Canadians, with our sky-high taxes on gasoline already, really have much of a case to gripe? To get a bit of perspective, MSN hunted down data from the Economist Intelligence Unit to see just which cities in the world have the highest gas prices. Do any Canuck towns make the list? Click through to find out.*All figures in USD.Bing: Find the cheapest gas in your cityRelated links:Canada's most fuel-efficient vehiclesThinking of a hybrid? Find out which is best
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