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The Ride Aquatic

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CAMI Hydra Spyder

The two-seat Hydra Spyder, built by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International in Ridgeland, S.C, starts at US$175,000 and is powered by a Chevrolet Corvette LS2 V8 engine. Drive it into the water, flip a switch, and the wheels retract into the vehicle's body, the doors deploy to cover the bottom of the wheel wells (much like when an airplane retracts its landing gear), and a marine gear engages a jet-drive engine like those used on personal watercraft. Now you are ready to set sail. Only five have been built so far, all bought by filthy rich folks who keep them on their multimillion-dollar yachts for shore leave.Find more photos of the CAMI Hydra Spyder from Bing
© Photo: CAMI
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