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The sad truth: Drunk driving is easier in these places

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The "bon temps" state has tough DUI laws, with the possibility of jail for a first offence and a third charge prosecuted as a felony. But it's also the home of the drive-through daiquiri bar.A loophole in the state's law banning open liquor containers in vehicles permits alcoholic beverages in lidded receptacles as long as they're not pierced by a straw.It means you can cruise up to the takeout window of a restaurant and order a Styrofoam cup of the flavoured delight, with the straw taped to the outside, and drive away. Just don't remove the tape.An editorial last April in the New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper criticized the quashing of a legislative amendment to end the practice. Maybe that's one reason the U.S. arm of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers ranks Louisiana 40th in terms of drunk-driving safety.Related links:Find out drunk-driving laws for your province from BingFind out other drunk-driving penalties around the world from BingStiffest drunk-driving penalties from around the world
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