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The world’s biggest car collectors

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Passionate auto enthusiasts we’d swap garages with any day

Let's all resolve never to use "Jay Leno" and "car collection" in the same story in 2013. We know he collects cars. We also know he's the most unfunny talk show host since Chevy Chase, but nobody writes incessantly about that. Seinfeld likes cars. Nicholas Cage likes cars. But as it turns out, there are a lot of people who really, really like cars, some of them you've never even heard of.Some you have, and they just haven't yet gained the kind of reputation as a collector as He Of The Prominent Chin Who Shall Remain Nameless. And so, this year, I'm resolving to write more about eccentric rock drummers, UAE royalty and muscle-loving Southern businessmen and their collections instead. (Note to self: If you ever make stinking boatloads of cash, make it a resolution to become the first woman to make it onto one of these lists.)
© Photo: The LeMay Museum
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