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The world’s craziest car creations

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This is what happens when imagination hits the road …

For most people, a car is a four-wheeled transportation device with a couple of seats, a steering wheel and some semblance of a body covering the engine, suspension and other oily bits. Certainly, there's room to be creative within these confines, but for a certain group ... well, let's just say they've been thinking outside the box.In this gallery, we've put together a collection of 12 crazy cars that defy convention. Many were inspired by household objects, or things you'd see in your house including a leopard-print sofa capable of 150 km/h, a drivable guitar, and yes, even a motorized toilet. And yes, the majority of these vehicles are fully registered and street-legal.You'll marvel at some, and wonder what possessed anyone to build others, but they're all pretty cool, and undeniably crazy.Related links:Today's flop, tomorrow's collector carThe world's most expensive car accident
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