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The world’s dumbest auto thieves

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Ten of the most idiotic, hair-brained car theft schemes from around the world

It's one thing to try to nab a car with a Club over its steering wheel or alarm system indicator blinking red for all to see. But as L.A. cops saw recently, it's an entirely different story when thieves try to make off with a vehicle designed specifically to lure and trap hapless crooks. That's what happened in the City of Angels, according to the L.A. Times, where two men were arrested for the attempted theft of the "Bait Car," the star of TruTV's reality show that's fitted with cameras and rigged to catch thieves inside until cops can show up to slap on the cuffs.Unfortunate coincidence? Perhaps. In the thieves' defence, the bait car is unmarked and they'd have had no way of knowing they were being suckered into a trap. But, certainly, this will be true in hindsight: trying to make off with the car from a reality show meant to deter auto theft is truly stupid. Think these bumbling bandits are alone, though? In honour of the botched Bait Car heist, MSNAutos looks at more of the world's dumbest car thieves — stories you'll have to read to believe.Bing: How to prevent your car from being stolenRelated links:Top export destinations for stolen Canadian cars8 ways to prevent your car from being stolen10 most stolen cars on the road
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