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The world’s most dangerous roads

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15 roads you don't want to drive on

The 401 is a nightmare, so is the Gardiner Expressway and don't mention the Don Valley Parkway. They can all be a real pain in the rear.Traffic jams are an expected annoyance, usually because either everyone wants to be home at the same time or because someone has decided that the laws of physics don't apply to them - when sadly they do.There are roads in the world where accidents are an almost daily occurrence. Some of the accidents are weather-based, others are speed-based. There's even a road in there that puts you at risk of both terrorists and bandits. That's just plain scary. Here are 15 of the most dangerous roads in the world — pretty much all of which make us grateful the 401 exists. Even if it can be on the hellish side at times.Related Autos links:Most painful cities to drive inWorld's most terrifying roadsStrange, strange car parking lots
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