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The world’s scariest, craziest, and most dangerous roads

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Cliff danger, gridlock and good old-fashioned road rage make these the most treacherous and terrifying roads on the planet

Everyone has an opinion about the worst road ever — usually it's one in their neighbourhood. But while some roads can be a real pain in the rear because of pothole disrepair or stop-and-go traffic, there are roads around the world that make all other seem pristine. These are dirt roads, freeways and interchanges on which daily accidents occur. Weather, speed, traffic and 1,000 foot cliffs drop off into oblivion. Heck, there's even risk of both terrorists and bandits. That's just plain scary. Good traction and four-wheel drive can't shield you from falling rocks or shoulderless mountain passes. You may simply want to avoid some of the following routes, no matter what you're driving.
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