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The world's toughest cars

Microsoft IES Logo By Mark Toljagic for MSN Autos of Microsoft IES | Slide 1 of 21: Secure, durable, but not necessarily exciting, we pay a tribute to history's indestructible vehicles.

With a bit of proper maintenance, this lot is a bit like the Energizer bunny — they keep going, and going, and going …

Want to find the toughest cars in the world? Just step out of any airport in the developing world and take a good look at the taxis idling at the curb. No kidding, pulling cab duty in places like Mogadishu and Kandahar is no walk in the park; these are seriously hostile environments for cars that include cratered roads, dangerous debris and scorching temperatures, among other factors (like stray bullets).We scanned the Internet to find harrowing stories of tough-as-nails cars and trucks that have been to the abyss and back. By definition, a lot of these are older models that earned their hard-won reputations over decades of unspeakable abuse. We'll reserve our judgment on the current crop of efficient, computer-controlled transporters until at least they've surpassed the quarter-million-kilometre mark — or been dropped from a 25-storey building.Related link:How to make your car last foreverFind a pre-owned car with MSN AutosConsumer Reports' most reliable brands
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