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They built a road where? Canada’s most incredible highways

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From blasting tunnels through mountains to clearing ice in the arctic and feats of bridge engineering, here are Canada’s largest roadway achievements

Chances are, as you snake down a backed-up highway on your morning commute, you're not sizing up the road's architecture but rather pondering the consequences of slamming the gas pedal and rear-ending every car you see. And, indeed, many highways in Canada are as flat as the prairies, not so much engineering marvels but testaments to slow, uninspired labour.Yet, not so fast. While your local thoroughfare may be as standard as they come, Canada is home to some of the most ingenious roads in the world. From blasting tunnels through mountains to clearing ice in the Northwest Territories to the sheer magnificence of the Confederation Bridge, here are just a few of Canada's largest road undertakings.*Bing: Where are the world's most dangerous roads?RelatedCanada's top roadside attractionsMost dangerous provinces for Canadian driversWorld's most amazing record-breaking roads
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