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Things people never say about their cars

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The truth car owners would rather you not hear

I watched this hidden camera show once, where they invited a bunch of art critics to the exhibit of a promising new talent, only the new talent was actually a kindergartener, armed with gouache and some brushes made by Crayola. Of course, the art critics loved it. To their credit, after the sly producers exposed the show for what it was, most of the critics were pretty magnanimous, but a few staunchly refused to admit the jig was up, insisting that the particular five-year-old was some kind of prodigy.There are some things you just never hear people say. “Shakespeare is overrated.” “Gaugin was a hack.” “Truffles taste like dirt.” Much like the Emperor and his alleged new clothes, once you buy into it, sometimes you’re trapped. Admit you think it’s stupid, and you’ve lost all the credibility you gained staunchly defending it all these years. (For the record, truffles do taste like dirt.)Here are 10 things we never hear anyone say about their cars.
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