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Today's flops, tomorrow's collectibles

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Back then, they weren’t desirable, but could they be the next big thing?

Certain cars have gone down in history as colossal failures; the Ford Edsel, which sold 118,000 instead of an expected several million, is one of the most egregious examples. When these vehicles first rolled onto lots, they made an impression — and it was an overwhelmingly negative one. But that can be just the ticket to securing a car's future as a collector's item. In enthusiast and collector circles, if a vehicle is quirky, infamous or rare enough, its future can be very bright. These recent car-lot losers are poised to fetch the attention and dollars of automobile aficionados sometime in the future.Related Autos links:Cars that hold their moneyBest new-car values for 2011Find this car with our used-car search
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