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Top 10 greatest muscle cars

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Legendary big-cube, high-horsepower muscle machines

No form of automobile is more iconic to the American performance tradition than the muscle car. Indeed, the muscle car is (with a slight nod to the Aussies) a uniquely American contraption. The concept of shoehorning a dangerously powerful engine into a chassis with neither the brakes nor the handling to match its speed could only happen in a country where the roads were all relatively straight and gasoline, especially high octane, was cheap.And this obsession with straight-line speed is celebrated throughout American culture from movies like American Graffiti to the invention of a sport singularly designed to celebrate glorious American excess, drag racing. As always, I have little doubt that some will disagree with my choices for the Top 10 greatest muscle cars and even argue with the origin of the species, but the speedsters chosen here were geared for their significance and not necessarily their outright speed. Note also that most of the production racers - the Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt, Chevelle COPO, the Corvette L88, etc. -- that some manufacturers sold during the '60s and '70s were not included on the list as most did not even pretend to be real cars.
© Photo: David Newhardt, Mustang - Forty Years
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