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Top 10 polluting vehicles for 2011

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Audi R8 5.2 FSI

When it comes to German performance cars, few can touch Audi's R8 5.2 FSI - it's a supercar that can be used year 'round, thanks to the fact its 525 horses are harnessed by quattro all-wheel drive. The downside about having a thoroughbred 10-cylinder powerplant is its thirst. The R8 breaks into the top 10 list, tying our ninth-place car in terms of city fuel consumption (19.1 L/100 km), but a (slightly) reduced level of CO2 emissions of 7,300 kg. However, it's worth noting that the R8 is more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than its genetic cousin, which holds a spot higher up on this list. See, there is something to be said about German efficiency.
© Photo: Audi
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