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Top secret cars, February 2011

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BMW 3 Series

Despite the appearance and popularity of the smaller 1 Series, the 3 Series remains the heart of the BMW range. That's why the blue 'n white propeller brand is hard at work on a new generation. Style-wise, expect the usual proportions of a long hood and short overhangs, with growth in virtually all dimensions. Picture a junior 5 Series, and you should be close.While BMW's legendary inline sixes are likely to appear, it won't be the only engine form in the 3 Series lineup. A new four-cylinder twin-turbo, also slated to appear in the X1, will join the lineup. Given BMW's investment into clean diesel technology, expect diesel power to stick around too.Bing: Next-gen BMW 3 Series renderings
© Photo: Brenda Priddy & Company
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