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Top ten most enduring automobiles

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Models that soldiered on while others succumbed to the vagaries of fashion and technology

“Dem bones, dem dry bones,” goes the song. Volkswagen’s storied Type 2 Microbus is finally being laid to rest after an astounding 64 years in production. Its Brazilian assembly line lurched to a halt on December 31, the consequence of more stringent crash standards mandated by the government there. The Type 2 – which followed Volkswagen’s Type 1 Beetle into production – will always be remembered as the beflowered symbol of the counter culture that flourished in North America in the 1960s and 1970s.Today, in a society where cell phones are as disposable as coffee cups, it’s interesting to note that even multi-billion-dollar automobile platforms are tossed with surprising frequency. Ever-tightening regulatory safety and efficiency targets compel automakers to ball up their old vehicle chassis and return to the drawing board. That’s what makes the anachronistic VW Microbus so noteworthy: it soldiered on while others succumbed to the vagaries of fashion and technology. It got us to thinking about other models that endured the decades relatively intact.
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