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Top ten used convertibles

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Your best second-hand options to bring in the spring

Given the winter we’ve just endured, it’s hard to fathom we Canadians would ever contemplate buying a soft-top anything. Add in the Chicken-Little predictions of more frequent and violent weather, and you’d think we would all aspire to driving Sherman tanks to work.Yet without fail, the first warm spring day brings out an armada of ragtop convertibles and roadsters in every corner of the country. We Canucks do love driving topless. Is it any wonder the very first Ford Mustang convertible was sold to airline pilot Stanley Tucker in St. John’s, Newfoundland, of all places?In these days of hermetically sealed and climate-controlled cars and trucks, convertibles seem like indulgences that invite sunstroke, hay fever and insect ingestion. Sound like fun?Here are 10 second-hand convertibles – something for every budget – that just may plant a bug-splattered grin on your face. Just don’t forget your allergy meds.
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