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Troublesome used vehicles to avoid this year

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Owners reveal that even reputable makes and models have teething troubles

Along with alligator-infested municipal sewers and tourist kidney thefts, one of the more recent urban myths claims that there’s no such thing as a badly made automobile anymore. For consumers who’ve had their car’s electric power steering shut down at highway speeds, or had their transmission fill up with caustic antifreeze disgorged from a burst radiator coupling, nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s cars may be better engineered than they used to be, but the proliferation of new technologies and lowest-bid suppliers has introduced some costly faults just the same. We’ve put together a list of the worst reviewed second-hand models we’ve come across in the past few years. We scan popular consumer websites for summaries outlining bad cars and trucks based on the experiences of actual owners who’ve recounted their trials and tribulations online. This collection – presented in no particular order – serves to remind us that the perfect car has yet to be assembled.
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