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War machines for peacekeeping

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For armies on peacekeeping missions, it’s run what ya brung

The term peacekeeping has gotten pretty elastic since Canadian Lester Pearson helped define the concept when United Nations separated the warring sides in the 1956 Suez Crisis, which earned him a Nobel Prize. But whether peacekeeping involves teams of lightly armed observers and ceasefire monitors or large, combat-equipped units, peacekeepers need to get around the conflict zone. Perhaps because the type of mission can vary, whether sanctioned by the UN, NATO, the African Union or some other body, it's hard to find a common denominator among the vehicles peacekeepers use. A protocol has sprung up over the decades to at least paint UN peacekeeping vehicles white. That's also sometimes made them targets for factions who don't want them there.Peacekeepers seem to weigh the balance of visibility to the population they're there to help against the need to protect themselves if they are in the line of fire between the adversaries or are even targeted deliberately. Wherever that line is, countries participating in peacekeeping have to dig into their military's inventory to fulfill their commitment. Here are some of the military vehicles conscripted in the service of peace.
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