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Weird automotive news: December, 2010

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Why taking hostages isn’t right – even if you’ve got car troubles

In the world of business, happy customers mean good business. When clients are unhappy, business suffers. When clients are really unhappy, things can get pretty ugly. One particularly extreme example of this involved Antonio Fontanais, who, unhappy with the performance of his BMW 530d (pictured), went to speak to the head of BMW France. After being told it wasn't possible, he held the receptionist at gunpoint and kept her as a hostage for two hours. She was finally freed by an antiterrorist commando.This kind of madness wasn't a first for Fontanais. Since the car's purchase in 2003, he has attempted to set himself on fire in front of the dealership, and has placed fake bombs in front of three BMW dealerships, which earned him a 15-month-long stint in jail. But wait, there's more - in 2008, he was found guilty for bomb threats against BMW France's head office. Makes you wonder why he didn't just sell the thing?
© Photo: BMW
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