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Weird automotive news - March 2011

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The FBI destroys a Ferrari F50

In case you haven't heard, there's a war going on between Motor Insurance Corp. and the FBI over the payout of a Ferrari F50, valued at $750,000. Originally, the car was stolen from a dealership in Pennsylvania in September, 2003. It was found by the FBI in Kentucky in August, 2008 and became an exhibit item in the trial of a crime ring.Up until then, everything was going well. However, the car was damaged in an accident while being driven by an assistant prosecutor a few blocks from the FBI warehouse where it was being stored. An FBI Special Agent was in the passenger seat at the time.The insurance company, which had paid for the car in 2003, demanded an explanation, citing the Freedom of Information act to get to the bottom of what happened. The request was ignored. Obviously, this will end up in court. The prosecutor is likely going to have some serious explaining to do about his little outing in the Ferrari ...
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