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Weird ways people try to save gasoline

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We look at the crazy ways people save gas — and determine if they really work

What more can we say about gas prices in Canada? You know they're high, we know they're high — heck, even the government knows they're high. In fact, Minister of Industry Tony Clement announced plans to take the oil industry to task on rising pump reads, demanding gasoline executives and distributors explain their murky pricing strategy once and for all.But you might not be able to wait, and when the matter is addressed there's no guarantee a timetable for lower prices will be set. In the meantime, as Canada faces $1.40 per litre or more, people get creative. In honour of the nation's astronomical pump readings, MSN looks at some of the truly bizarre ways — from turning the music down to adventures in amateur aerodynamics — drivers attempt to save money on gas.Related links:The true price of gasShould you buy an electric car
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