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What to buy for $350 a month

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Twelve great cars, trucks and utility vehicles for less than $350 per month

With borrowing rates from many auto manufacturers locked in at zero per cent - or not high above that - it's pretty amazing what you can get for not a huge amount of coin. Combine that with new vehicles that are larger, faster, more reliable, and use less fuel than those of only a few years ago, and there are plenty of ways to find a good-quality ride that'll last you a decade or more.Here are our suggestions for what you can finance for as little as $350 a month. There are a few rules, though. First, we restricted the down payment to a maximum of 20 per cent of the vehicle's MSRP, and for the majority of our picks, kept the term to 60 months. Also, we tried to include all of the provincial sales taxes, environmental fees, delivery fees and other pre-pickup charges into our 'Total Price' figure so that our estimates are more representative of what comes out of your bank account every month.As always, these really are estimates and we've worked from the vehicle's MSRP and included rebates when applicable, but really - you shouldn't be paying MSRP on any of these because there's always room to negotiate a lower price. Click through to see our picks!
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